Designed by the same highly-acclaimed architects who sculpted the Disney Polynesian Resort pool and other Walt Disney World projects, Five Falls Estate is a stunning masterpiece that goes way, way beyond compare!

The house and lush, indoor tropical grotto are the brainchild of an award-winning Florida developer who moved north with the goal of building a Florida Keys-type Kokomo resort inside a glass atrium. Benefiting from the tall ceilings, palm trees, waterfalls, koi pond, pool and swim-up tiki-bar, it doesn't feel like you're indoors. In the evening, when the glass roof all but disappears into the night, you will have to pinch yourself at the swim-up bar to be sure that you are not on an exotic island.

The best part about the outdoors being indoors is that it allowed the designers to dream and create features and entertainment that were never before possible in a moonlit tropical setting.

At the touch of a button, a real movie-theater-size screen (25 feet!) appears under the stars where you can watch high-definition movies, TV, sports, or anything on the Internet. This incredible visual experience hits with a wallop, thanks to ten towering dance club speakers and three DJ amplifiers. In addition to an outdoor-feeling tropical paradise, the pool room has a patio kitchen, special-effects lighting, and an HD movie theater with more thunderous surround-sound than most cinemas have. It never rains in this tropical oasis, there are no mosquitos, and it is so close to Philadelphia, New York, Baltimore and Washington that many guests come for weekend escapes without ever having to board a plane.

Who Rents Five Falls Estate?

Please keep in mind that this is NOT a hotel, commercial venue, event venue, banquet hall, or bed and breakfast, it is a single family home. When the owner is not using the property it is occasionally rented to single family groups for that specific use ONLY - as per local zoning ordinance. Occupancy is by invitation only. Due to local zoning ordinances we do not rent to large parties, and events, it is for single family use only. The pool room is not available for independent use for any reason whatsoever.

Please keep in mind that this is not a hotel or banquet hall. It is a single home. The owner only rents this property a few times per year, exclusively for uses permitted in a single family residence under the local zoning ordinance. Occupancy is by invitation only.

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Our latest and greatest creations are coming to Sugar Ski Resort, North Carolina and a beachfront paradise in Cozumel, Mexico. Please email us for a link and scheduled completion dates for these.